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  • Provide proof of insurance.  If you do not have insurance you can purchase insurance for a minimal fee through the school.  Log on to the Manchester School District website for more information.
  • All student/athletes are required to have health insurance.  For information on insurance options through the Manchester School District please follow this link:

  • Provide a copy of your current physical examination at the tryout or to the athletic director prior to the tryout.  It must be within a calendar year and must be in hand in order to participate.
  • Be enrolled in and passing at least four courses.  In order to be eligible for a fall sport-  an athlete must have passed at least four classes during the previous 4th quarter. Incoming 9th graders are all eligible.
  • Take a computer based online concussion test (the test will be offered to each athlete at the beginning of the season).
  • Be registered on FamilyID prior to the tryout.  Click the link to register on FamilyID:

Helpful Websites and Links

Google Directions to All Venues

Division II Athletic Locations:

The D2 Winter Google Map link is below:

Safe Sports Network FREE Sports Physicals
PE Credit Waivers can be obtained by signing up with the athletic director after meeting the requirements 

Below: Girls softball team posing after a game.
Blue Knights Softball team