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After School Make-Up & Extra Help Schedule

 World Languages
 Phys. Ed./Health
 Social Studies
 Special Ed.
 Family & Consumer Sci.
 Tech. Ed.

How about an upperclassman that that has been through it already and is ready to help YOU?  Check out our PEER TUTORING program.  Every morning (except Thursdays) from 7:00-7:38 in the WHS Library, and after school Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday in rm. 328!  Ask your school counselor for more information or email Maria Passanisi at

WANT FREE ONLINE TUTORING FROM HOME?  Please check out Khan Academy 

INTERESTED IN EARNING SOME CREDITS ALTERNATIVELY?  Do you have hobbies, interests, or passions outside of school?  Do you have a part-time job?  You can earn high school credit through an ELO (Extended/Experiential Learning Opportunity).  See our ELO Coordinator, Mrs. Knieriem, in room 305 Monday-Thursday.
Club Z! Tutoring
  • Personalized tutoring tailored to individual needs
  • Core and Other Various Subjects
  • SAT/ACT Test Prep
  • Study Skills/ Note Taking
  • And Much More!
Click the Club Z! logo above for info!