Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Citizenship have been adopted as Five Pillars that will support all learning that occurs at West High School (WHS). West will transition from a traditional assessment system to a competency-based assessment system that allows for a truly personalized learning experience. A new reporting system will be implemented that will focus on where students are on a continuum of skill rather than a number grade. This will help to ensure high expectations, a coherent learning experience, and rigorous, student-driven learning will permeate all of West High School.


The High School Principals have met and developed a process to move the further development of Competency Based Education forward at the four high schools. Recognizing schools have come to different places in the process over time, work will be undertaken in the month of March in the CORE subject areas (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) to align work and progress. Dan Joseph from Competency Based Education Solutions will engage with staff in the process throughout the month on a scheduled basis.

A grading system pilot has been proposed to allow staff and students to begin to get used to what the future of grading will look like. The pilot proposal is linked here: 2021 KNIGHT TIME (ADVISORY) GRADING PILOT