The WLE is critical to the new school design as an opportunity to expose learners to how others walk in the world. A WLE Coordinator and an Instructional Coach will be dedicated to growing West's WLE and connecting our students to internships, job shadows, experts, mentors, field trips and workshops that support their learning journeys both through coursework and learner-designed experiences.


The goal we have is to have ALL students experience College and Career Readiness/Work-Based Learning throughout their high school careers. This is beginning to happen now as West staff members are working with district, community, and state partners to develop curriculum and to ensure it is compliant with SB 276 which has the expectation that students will have the opportunity to be exposed to work-based learning and to earn credentials toward a future career interest. Additionally, we are working on ways to strengthen and develop more opportunities to engage students with learning opportunities within academic courses as well as outside of the classroom to engage with the greater Manchester community. SEE BELOW!

GEAR UP - Currently, the West Gear Up Coordinator is meeting with all 9th grade students to speak with them about current interests and future plans. After collecting this information, GEAR UP will provide college and career/work based learning opportunities that are more targeted to the wants and needs of individual students. These discussions will also bring up ways that advisors, counselors, and social workers can support students right now.

ImBlaze - Readiness/Work-Based Learning Platform - The ImBlaze platform has passed Teaching & Learning and is moving to the full BOSC (Board of School Committee). GEAR UP is working with Big Picture Learning to make this a full District initiative. ImBlaze is a mobile platform that encourages students' interested through internships by connecting them to mentors in the community. Through ImBlaze, students can pursue internships in which their interests are connected to relevant real-world projects that also benefit the internship site. In this way, ImBlaze empowers constructive student agency, ownership, and choice, and accelerates place-based and academic learning that is accessible on demand. The timeline is to continue to engage and support the cohorts of the Class of 2024 and the Class of 2025 through developing Personalized Learning Plans in compliance with NH SB-276 and to utilize ImBlaze as a way to asset map and provide equity and access to student-driven, real-world learning.

MY TURN - The MY TURN Program is a class that allows students to gather career readiness skills. Here is a link to the West High School Program Description MY TURN PROGRAM - WEST HIGH SCHOOL