Bus Information

Bus Information

Manchester School of Technology Bus Schedule:

BLOCK 1 - 7:42 am Leave West to MST; 9:30 am Leave MST to Return to West

BLOCK 2 - 9:42 am Leave West to MST; 11:40 am Leave MST to Return to West

BLOCK 3 - 12:10 pm Leave West to MST; 2:15 pm Leave MST to Return to West

STEAM Ahead Shuttle Bus from home schools:

For students coming to West as a part of the STEAM Ahead program, but who live in other high school districts, the following shuttle schedule has been created to accommodate students:

-Students will take a normal bus route to their home high school.

-Once at their home high school, students will immediately get on a shuttle bus as noted below.

The shuttle from Manchester High School Central is Manchester bus # 5.

The shuttle from Manchester Memorial High School is Manchester bus # 2.

The shuttles leave the home schools at 7:20 a.m. across from Domino's.

The buses will pick up at West at 2:45 pm to drop students back off at the home schools so that students can get on their bus to go home.