Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program

The Manchester High School West Student Assistance Program is designed to provide confidential services for students whose personal concerns may be affecting their performance at school or home. Students are encouraged to use the program for help with educational, family, emotional, alcohol or other drug abuse, eating disorders or any problem they are faced with. Many students get involved in the program when they are worried about a friend. The program offers groups that are run by counselors.

The Group Program of the S.A.P.

Students receive an excused absence from class to attend groups during school hours but are responsible for class work missed. Groups are offered on a rotating basis to avoid missing the same class.

Examples of the type of groups offered include:

  • An open discussion group for any teen concerns (e.g. friends, dating, stress management)
  • A group for students affected by a friend or relative's use of alcohol or other drugs
  • A boy's discussion group
  • A girl's discussion group
  • A challenge course (substance education group, decision-making, comunication skills)
  • Staying sober/clean discussion group

All information shared in the groups is CONFIDENTIAL. This means that whomever you see in the room and what is said in the room stays there. Confidentiality cannot be kept in cases where the individual is in danger of hurting themselves or someone else or in cases of abuse.

The following groups may become available as the school year progresses.

  • Divorce
  • Living with a single parent
  • Pregnancy
  • Family or friends who have a terminally ill parent
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Teen parenthood
  • Family concerns
  • Friend or family member affected by an alcohol problem

If you know of any other groups which may be of interest, please contact Ms. Brown.

The Student Assistance Program is located in Guidance.