After School Tutoring By Derryfield Students

offered every Friday, at 3:15 in the cafeteria

All are welcome!

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Students from the Derryfield School will be available every Friday after school in the cafeteria, beginning Friday, January 10th, to tutor West students in just about every subject.

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Derryfield students are hoping to offer tutoring on the following subjects:


    • Geometry
    • Algebra I
    • Algebra II
    • Precalculus
    • Calculus
  • English
    • Spelling and grammar
    • Analytical writing
    • Reading
  • Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • History
    • Asia (China and Middle East)
    • Europe (French Revolution, WWI, WW2, Russian Revolution)
    • United States
  • Language
    • Latin
    • Spanish
  • Study skills
    • Oral presentations
    • Projects
    • Studying (flashcards, study guides, etc.)
    • Note-taking
    • Organization and time management


How about an upperclassman that that has been through it already and is ready to help YOU? Check out our PEER TUTORING program. Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:05-7:37 in the WHS Library. Alternate times can be arranged by emailing David Dionne at: ddionne@mansd.org

WANT FREE ONLINE TUTORING FROM HOME? Please check out Khan Academy