School Policies


  1. Class cutting is not an option. Your success in class can largely be determined by your presence. Please attend ALL of your classes. Consequence: 2 detentions per class cut.
  2. Seven tardies in a quarter results in an automatic Saturday Detention. Good News! It’s a new quarter so if you are hearing this, most likely you have 0. Remember to email your administrator when there are issues. Communication with attendance and tardiness issues is key. Talk to us, we are reasonable people.
  3. Be respectful of the adults in the building. They are also expected to be respectful of you with their first request. If the request is reasonable, the administration expects that you follow through with what is asked of you.
  4. Please do not have your parents bring in food (Ex. Dunkin Donuts/Pizza) from the outside for us to get to you unless you have enough for the whole school!
  5. Cafeteria cleanliness: Please put your trash in the provided receptacles. It is great when we have a clean school. If you see trash on the floor in the halls or cafeteria, pick it up. It is the right thing to do. This should be a WE ARE WEST HIGH attitude.
  6. Attendance: Remember that you may not be absent from class more than 4 times. When you are absent, you should ALWAYS bring a note.
  7. NG’s - If you get one it is a 64.99. This means you still have the opportunity to pass the class. (Example Q1 = 64.99, Q2 = 64.99, S1 Exam = 65, Final Grade = 65) Communicate your issues with your administrator and/or Mr. Dichard. They are always available to you.
  8. Schedule Changes - All changes (Unless they are Level changes) must be completed by the 10th day of the 2nd semester. Please make an appointment with your guidance counselor if you need to make a change. Don’t just skip the class. You are expected to follow your schedule completely starting TODAY!
  9. Good Luck 2nd Semester! We are here for you. If you need help, reach out to us and we will be there for you.